Director of Finance

Save the Children


As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, contribute to:

• Leadership of the Malawi Country Office
• Support the development of an organisational culture that reflects our dual mandate values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation, and frees up our people to deliver outstanding results for children and excellent customer service for our Members and donors
• Help design and implement a coherent organizational structure that is consistent with agency practices and appropriate to Programme needs
• Help establish, maintain, and improve active and regular working relationships with: host government authorities, partner agencies including humanitarian and development donors, and local and international NGOs
• Ensure that all required support is provided promptly, at scale and in line with the rules and principles during emergencies, working closely with the Regional Office

Planning and Budgeting

• Assist the Country Director (CD) in the management /administration of the Country Office resources and its sub-offices including (a) the formulation of country work Programme and resource allocation, (b) providing effective support and guidance to the Senior Leadership Team and other key Programme staff during planning and allocation exercises; (c) monitoring implementation of donor agreements and resource utilization. Highlight variances, provide analyses and recommend resolution or reallocation of resources
• Work along with the Director of Programme Operations, Thematic Directors and the Director of Programme Design & Quality in developing plans to meet funding and Programming needs. This includes diversification of funding resources.
• Identify and effectively manage all key risks, especially financial, related to delivering the Country Office Programme. Develop mitigation plans at proposal stage
• Ensure correct level of budget authority exists within Country Office
• Manage financial aspects of budget development for new proposals
• Ensure appropriate and adequate emergency finance and grants procedures are detailed in the Country Office Emergency Preparedness Plan in order to enable rapid scale up
• Ensure budget holders understand their responsibilities (e.g. through training)
• Ensure sub-offices receive adequate support to operate efficient accounting systems, including timely receipt of monthly budget variance analysis by budget holders, timely answers to queries and scheduling tasks and deadlines.
• Work with the Director of HR to establish equitable staff compensation policies and practices within the approved budget and donor requirements
• Work with the SLT and the Director of HR to design and implement a coherent organisational structure that is consistent with agency practices and appropriate to approved budget and Programme needs

Financial Accounting, Reporting, and Control

• Manage the Country Office financial systems and provide the SLT and all budget holders a monthly update on the budget variance analysis
• Ensure with the Director of Programme Operations that systems are in place for the control of all assets, funds, equipment, property, and facilities; submit timely financial reports to centre, Regional Office and donors as required
• Ensure that effective systems are put in place, and regularly reviewed, to allow adequate financial management and control including:
? Annual accounts and tax statement preparation;
? Accounting and management information systems;
? Cash and cash flow management and control in particular gain/losses on currency exchange;
? Financial procedures during emergency responses, including meeting all relevant responsibilities in the Rules and Principles for Emergency Response;
? Expenditure procedures, especially around procurement;
? Documentation of all controls and procedures;
? Finance training for staff in the field and partners as necessary;
? Availability of funds for sub-offices and the Country Office
• Monitor accurate and timely submission of financial reports and attachments to members, donors and government regulatory agencies
• Ensure quarterly effort reporting is prepared with major variances discussed with Regional Office and centre
• Coordinate submission of control reports, respond to findings and recommend resolutions or action plans
• Lead and participate in the development of finance policies and procedures to be able to maintain a well-financially controlled environment in both development and emergency contexts
• Coordinate and assist CD during any internal or external audits
• Ensure monthly financial reviews (MFRs) are prepared, reviewed with SLT, and submitted to Regional Office regularly

Grants Management and Compliance

• Monitor completion of financial reports for grants/contracts. Ensure proper accounting and closing of books upon receipt of completed reports and documents from various sub-offices
• Provide guidance to finance and non-finance staff and coordinate efforts to ensure compliance with donor requirements
• Work with budget holders to estimate funds request on a timely basis to ensure resources are in place for carrying project activities
• Ensure Country Office treasury operations are adequately managed
• Ensure that donor financial reports and additive reports align

Staff Management, Mentorship, and Development – Finance

• Ensure appropriate staffing within finance
• Ensure that all staff understand and are able to perform their role in an emergency
• Manage finance team; define expectations, provide leadership and technical support as needed, and evaluate direct reports regularly
• Ensure the recruitment, training, and promotion of staff as appropriate and ensure availability of appropriate professional development opportunities for staff incorporates staff development strategies and Performance Management Systems into team building process. Establish result based system and follow up
• Ensure adequate segregation of finance duty within Country Office
• Manage the performance of all staff in the finance work area through:
? Effective use of the Performance Management System including the establishment of clear, measureable objectives, ongoing feedback, periodic reviews and fair and unbiased evaluations;
? Coaching, mentoring and other developmental opportunities;
? Recognition and rewards for outstanding performance;
? Documentation of performance that is less than satisfactory, with appropriate performance improvements/ work plans.

Location: Lilongwe, Malawi
Contract – Full-Time
Closing date: Monday 17 December 2018
All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified