SABA Limited

Qualifications: Must hold a Bachelors degree, and have high level of fluency in English, as well as familiar with Malawi procedures, and know how to use various digital software (Architecture software, Microsoft word, excel, etc…)

Architect Job Duties:

• Meeting with clients to discuss project objectives, needs, and budget
• Preparing and presenting design proposals, including detailed drawings of finished buildings, renovations, or restorations
• Meeting with construction professionals and clients to discuss feasibility of designs
• Reviewing local rules and regulations to ensure the construction project falls within all constraints
• Creating detailed drawings and specifications for architectural projects
• Specifying the materials needed for construction of projects
• Working with computer-aided design software to create blueprints and images
• Working with contractors, surveyors, and building service engineers to create a construction schedule and bring the designs to fruition
• Coordinating work between various contractors
• Supervising construction of buildings to ensure projects meet deadlines, stay on budget, and adhere to the original vision for the design
• Visiting proposed locations and building sites
• Resolving issues that come up during construction
• Participating in project management throughout the construction

Architect Skills and Qualifications:

Outstanding Visualisation Skills; Understanding of Construction Technologies; Visual Communication Skills; Attention to Detail; Drawing Skills; Ability to Work With Three-Dimensional Designs; Inventiveness; Interest in People and the Environment; Knowledge of Building Codes; Registration with the Architect’s Registration Board; Minimum of 2 Years Practical Experience; Written and Oral Communication Skills; High Levels of Creativity; Ability to Work Well Under Pressure; Willingness to Work Long Hours; Analytical Mind; Problem Solving Skills; Strong Leadership Skills; Ability to Work Well on a Team; Project Management Skills

The job is based in Lilongwe, working full time for SABA Limited.

Please send CV’s to the following Email:

The job opening is valid for 14 days, after which no more applications will be considered.