Associate, Procurement

  • Full Time
  • Zomba

Evidence Action

Job Title: Associate | Procurement
Department: Finance & Administration
Location: Zomba
Reports to: Senior Associate | Procurement
Direct Reports Office Assistant
Travel required: Yes

Job purpose

The Associate Procurement will be a key member of the F&A and Supply and Innovations team, providing strategic oversight and planning of the dispenser hardware supply chain. The position holder will manage and coordinate all procurement needs for the Malawi program(s). He/She will be focused in ensuring the lifetime cost of a product is minimized and that the supply chains are well-designed and cost-effective.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Country procurement lead:

• Be the point person for all programs to order and manage dispenser hardware orders, program implementation needs such as printing of training materials.
• Coordinate with insurance companies on insurance needs for both staff and property as needed.
• Work with program leads to come up with detailed projections of supply needs based on updated project work plans hence determine supply needs that will facilitate development of procurement plans.

2. Administration Supervision

Manage the administration function of the Zomba office

3. Local suppliers:

• Identify and negotiate with suppliers to ensure transparent and cost-effective sourcing
• Developing order plans to ensure time and cost-effectiveness of orders
• Ensure Adherence to donor regulations and international sourcing.
• Supporting programs/field offices in their procurement needs

4. Supply Chain Strategy

Using our growth plans, map out options for country procurement needs.
Develop optimal chlorine resupply models and ensure no stock outs or overstocking
Map out current supply chain and identify key areas for improvement
Coordinate the development and management of an elaborate, real time supply chain system that will link all field stores as well as the central warehouse in Zomba.
Make sure all suppliers have been screened prior to engaging with them as prequalified suppliers.

5. Client Serving order lead:

Be the point person for ordering and managing dispenser hardware and chlorine orders
6. Standards and registration lead:

Work with the authorities in Malawi to have Evidence Action products registered and issued with the relevant standardization certificates.
Ensure that Evidence Action suppliers for parts meet required quality and industry standards and have the requisite certifications.
Review staff advances and payments in Zomba office
Receive and check imprest requests and returns, ensuring that proper documentation is filed for each transaction and the concerned party has obtained relevant approvals.

Key performance Indicators

Oversee local procurements and managing the entire procurement cycle, including but not limited to sourcing for bids, analysis, issue of Purchase orders, expediting orders, receipt of orders, inspection, verification of invoices and processing of payments.
Develop and maintain an elaborate record management plan for Evidence Action procurement unit in Malawi with the aim of ensuring all transactions are properly documented.
Preparation of vendor contracts, amendments to existing contracts and other contract management requirements.
Negotiation with vendors and performance appraisal.
Initiate and manage prequalification of suppliers and tender processes
Ensure the procurement policy is adhered to for all purchases at Evidence Action and liaise with (DFAAR) for any revisions and updates needed.
Preparation and publication of tender documents as well as co-ordination of evaluation, procurement and evaluation committees
Creation and maintenance of preferred supplier list with the help of DFAAR.
Ensure all donor regulations are met for all purchases including processing of tax exemption for USAID funded purchases
Verification of invoices and processing payments
Compile reports and run official errands as requested by supervisor
Managing Inventory and Property registers for the organization as will be delegated by supervising officer
Taking up insurance covers for inventory and property


Qualifications include:

At least 3 years’ experience supply chain management
Bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain, or similar field. Significant experience is more important than the correct degree.
Strong organizational skills
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
High computer literacy levels

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