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Incumbent serves as chauffeur for the Marine Security Guards, driving for the Marines. Operates Officially designated vehicles to transport members of post Marine Detachment from residential to and from Chancery, including other destination.  Performing duties as a translator where Marines go to get services (i.e. restaurants, gift shops, cultural places, etc.) Performs routing duties and acts as a messenger in delivering documents or invitations to other embassies, government bodies or associated U.S. Agencies, may be assigned up-country trips. Must communicate in English on the radio and cell phone anytime he/she is in the vehicle in accordance with the DriveCam policy.  As required, performs driving duties for VIPs.

Keeps his/her assigned vehicle clean and in a serviceable condition and performs minor preventive maintenance.  The chauffeur is responsible for washing and cleaning the inside of the vehicle at a minimum four times a week.  Maintains a daily vehicle log (OF-108) and ensures that the passenger(s) signs the form upon completion of trip.  Additionally, s/he will be responsible to track the start and stop time as well as records of miles during the trip.  The chauffeur will be responsible to track fuel consumption on both the OF-108 and in a fuel consumption logbook that will always be kept inside the vehicle.  Inside this logbook, s/he will be responsible to track how much fuel was put into the vehicle, the date the vehicle was fueled up, the individual who filled the vehicle up and any other pertinent information that the Detachment Commander (DetComdr) or Vehicle NCO might need to know.  The Chauffeur will also be responsible for conducting a daily Preventive Maintenance Check (PMC) on each vehicle that is assigned to the detachment.  During the PMC, the Chauffeur is responsible for documenting any and all deficiencies that are identified with the vehicle.  All maintenance and repairs that are done on the vehicle will only be approved by the DetComdr.  The Chauffeur will be responsible for reporting any misconduct of the Marines or any other individuals that ride in any vehicles assigned to the Marines.

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