Consultancy: Early Childhood Development/ Stimulation Scoping – Malawi

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World Education Inc.

World Education Inc./Bantwana (WEI/B)

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World Education, Inc./Bantwana (WEI/Bantwana) delivers programming to address the comprehensive needs of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by HIV and poverty. Rooted in the community-based approaches of World Education, Bantwana builds the capacity of communities, civil society, and governments to coordinate and deliver integrated, comprehensive services to OVC households while strengthening structures and service delivery systems across the HIV continuum of care. Bantwana is well known for piloting and refining effective models that avail access to services that keep OVC healthy, stable, safe, and, schooled and then adapting and scaling those models across the region by leveraging government, private sector and donor resources.

WEI/Bantwana is conducting a scoping mission to gather information on the current situation of Early Childhood Stimulation (ECS) and Early Childhood Development (ECD) programming in Malawi. WEI/Bantwana seeks to engage a local Consultant in efforts to support this national scoping.

Scope of Work

Under this Consultancy Agreement, the Consultant will work in close collaboration with WEI/Bantwana and undertake the following activities:

  • Identify ECS/ECD stakeholders in Malawi—government ministries, pre-schools, NGOs and CBOs, and other ECS/ECD providers in Malawi—and their roles and responsibilities in delivering ECS/ECD
  • Identify the funding structures for ECS/ECD activities
  • Identify the number, types, and profiles of ECS/ECD centers in communities
  • Identify how ECS/ECD centers operate: funding structures, registration requirements, certification requirements, etc.
  • Identify services offered by ECS/ECD centers
  • Identify the community perceptions around ECS/ECD in Malawi and the potential demand for ECS/ECD services of different subsets of clientele
  • Identify the challenges and opportunities facing ECS/ECD centers in Malawi.
  • In coordination with the WEI/Bantwana, schedule and represent WEI/Bantwana in meetings with stakeholders to gather information on ECS/ECD service delivery


The Consultant will work for up to a maximum duration of 20 days, between May 27 and June 20.


Transcript of key informant and focus group interviews

  • Interim report draft
  • Final report

Interested candidates can submit a 2/3 page concept note of how they will conduct the scoping mission, profiles/CVs of key researchers, and a budget no later than May 20, 2019 at 4pm