Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Project Evidencing, Reporting and Information Dissemination

BIKA Development Consultants (BIDECO)


BIKA Development Consultants (BIDECO) has organized a course in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to be held in the first week of October 2019.

BIDECO understands that a map is such a powerful tool in development work. Beyond simply being a means of recording and communicating information about the location and spatial characteristics of the natural world, maps help to gain better insight as they provide context and  uncover spatial patterns that might otherwise be overlooked.

GIS assist in planning, monitoring and implementation of projects but it is also a powerful tool to present ideas and motivate people to take action. GIS allows planners and managers to design and more carefully target interventions to specific population needs. It is crucial that programs are tailored to the specific needs and unique characteristics of a community.

GIS are special class of information systems that integrate hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geo_ referenced information. GIS have wide range of application and thus many job opportunities await you. Talk of monitoring and evaluation,  marketing (Geo-marketing and planning analytic), Agriculture, water supply and  management, banking, telecommunications, oil and gas management, urban planning, engineering, public health administration etc. GIS is the new knowledge/technology revolutionizing ways jobs are executed in many professions.


The course/training teaches the fundamental concepts and basic functions of a GIS system, the properties of GIS maps, and the structure of a GIS database. In course exercises, participants will develop software skills by working with ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 tools to visualize geographic data, create maps, create and query a GIS database, and analyze data using common analysis tools.


Individuals who do not have any prior GIS education or work place experience with GIS but are working on projects related to: Agriculture, Health, Education, Childcare, Forestry , Land use planning, Tourism, fisheries, climate change, Nutrition and HIV and Aids, Water treatment and supply and Natural Resources Management, Disaster and Risk Reduction etc.

Managers and GIS support staff that needs to understand how GIS fits into their organization. Those with some basic knowledge are encouraged to apply to improve their analytical skills.


After completing the courses participants will be expected to: Understand what GIS is, what it can do, and how others are using it. Able to use GPS Receiver Handsets, See how your organization can benefit from a GIS system.

Explore ArcGIS and create thematic maps, Work with different types of geographic data, Create GIS datasets and make spatial queries, Geo processing analysis etc.


Intensive hands-on exercises with excellent supervision, Clear concept presentations by qualified and experienced GIS experts. Free handouts and other GIS relevant materials.


MWK 195,000 / Participant


Crown Hotel (DAUD Complex, Along Kamuzu Procession Road, Opposite Commodity Exchange/ Maula BP Fueling station in Lilongwe).


29th October – 1st   November 2019.


Free Printed Handout, startup Shape files, free installation of GPS and GIS Software’s.

Lunch and Refreshments will be provided.

Brand new GPS Garmin receivers will be on sale for those interested.


Kindly request a FREE registration form via:

The Trainings Coordinator

+265 (0) 884264599 | +265 (0) 997 028 099