Head of Credit

Standard Bank

Job Details

Risk Management: understanding all risks – from the economic to the political – that could affect our global business, and offering guidance to all parts of the bank

Job Purpose

  • To develop and provide overall strategic leadership and direction, maintain and manage the end-to-end credit risk function for the bank; incorporating all aspects of the credit Life Cycle.
  • Day-to-day management of the bank’s credit and processes in line with the credit risk Management framework. Responsible for the delivery of professional service against specific process measures aligned for the credit Management KRAs as well as growth, value and advantage strategy for the business.

Definitions herein

CIB- Corporate and Investment Banking

PBB- Personal and Business Banking

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Development and   implementation of Personal and Business Banking (PBB) credit risk strategy and framework
  •   Develops and drives the PBB credit risk management framework, which   includes the risk management strategy, structure, processes, culture and   technological infrastructure and translates strategic intent and vision into   medium term objectives.
  •   Contributes to the development and improvement of the bank wide credit   risk management strategy and framework by providing key insights on the   factors that influence the risk profile. Act as a signatory on the final   framework relating to PBB credit.
  •   Provides direction to the PBB credit team and sub-business lines in   order to achieve the credit risk management strategy.
  •  Critically evaluates the existing framework on an ongoing basis for   relevance in line with emerging country risks and threats.
  •   Owns and drives the process of embedding the PBB credit risk   frameworks throughout the business area by regularly engaging with all levels   of leadership and management to help them understand the benefits of looking   at their worlds through a credit risk management lens.
  •   Continuously evaluates the external environment and assesses the   impact on the area’s activities. Where required, discuss any changes which   will result in an overall strategic impact with the Head of PBB and   sub-business unit Heads and, thereafter make the agreed amendments to plans.
  •   Delivers a professional advice on risk pricing, risk management   matters, including where appropriate the timely involvement of external   specialists.
  •   Delivers high standards of credit quality for high-risk cases through   the application of best practices to credit proposals.
  •   Challenges pricing in order to maximise value, and ensure a commercial   balance between risk and Reward.
  •   Applies impairment policy, where appropriate, to ensure Impairments   are raised or released in a timely and appropriate fashion. Ensure accurate   and timely forecasting of impairments.
Build a credit   platform in Malawi for the CIB Business
  •   Organise, manage and develop the CIB Credit   team to effectively execute a Regional mandate aligned to the greater CIB.
  •   Effectively manage the existing and future   Corporate Credit portfolio.
  •   Co-ordinate and co-operate with resources   globally to manage transactions and fulfil the One CIB philosophy.
  •   Entrenching a risk reward philosophy and ensuring that there is an   appropriate return for the risks being taken. Minimising credit losses by   ensuring that there are adequate processes and systems in place to provide   early detection of problematic/potential default accounts; and
  •   Ensuring compliance with CIB (Corporate and Investment Banking) policies and lending guidelines
  •   Managing direct reports
Overall   accountability for evaluation and approval of credit applications
  •   Develops an efficient credit evaluation process which will allow   teamwork between business and credit.
  •   Coaches credit Evaluation managers on all aspects of origination and   ensures that the broader team communication is open and on-going.
  •   Assesses applications and issues sanction letters, clearly stating the   conditions and requirements of the lending (where above the delegated   authorities of Evaluation managers and/or Head, Personal and Commercial Lending)   including Politically Exposed Persons and identified high risk industries.
  •   Ensures approvals made by credit Evaluation managers and/or Head, Personal   and Commercial Lending are within their delegated authority.
  •   Ensures that credit Evaluation managers adhere to agreed TAT targets.
  •   Analysis of Corporate applications for   facilities to assess the appropriateness of the credit risk  relative to the profitability of the deal;
  •   Effective provision of high-quality   analyses, approvals and where necessary recommendations to higher authority;   and
  •   Effective sponsorship and presentation of   applications to CIB Credit Committees, where required.
Management of   credit risk in line with risk management framework
  •   Ensures   that the Bank’s need to provide adequate controls over the risks encountered   in the post-Credit granting stage of the credit process are satisfied by   ensuring the appropriateness, consistency, validity and enforceability of all   collateral confirming that all collateral and legal documentation in respect   of banking facilities and advances granted have been obtained are in legal   order and properly housed.
  •   Implements credit procedures by maintaining   a tight control over all aspects of advance administration to contain credit   risk within acceptable parameters and ensuring that all risk and statutory   returns and reports are produced in an accurate and timely manner.
  •   Ensures all identified credit control   events and defaults are managed, in order to reduce the roll rate of   non-performing loans into lock up portfolio by providing a prompt and orderly   turnaround environment in which controls can be exercised to ensure that the   Bank is not faced with avoidable losses.
  •   Ensures that timely and quality credit delivery and decisions are made   within agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) within the entire credit chain.
  •   Actively monitors appropriate metrics across the credit life-cycle to   ensure that the origination, evaluation, credit risk monitoring and   rehabilitation and recoveries functions meet the highest standards in   accordance with laid down policies and procedures and to guide and coach the   respective teams on the best credit practices.
Optimise the   business unit’s risk profile and risk appetite
  •   Sets and monitors the new business strategy within the agreed business   unit’s growth and risk appetite objectives.
  •   Oversees the development of origination policies and the execution   thereof.
  •   Develops and oversees the implementation of collections and recoveries   strategies.
  •   Manages and reviews existing account management strategies.
  •   Drives in-depth analysis of customer value tests, campaign analysis,   response propensity models, collections and bad debt performance etc.
  •   Detects and evaluates shifts or changes in key risk parameters and   evaluates the implications of such changes on continued banking   relationships.
  •   Reviews and sets appropriate PBB risk Appetite metrics with Business.
  •   Monitors and assesses portfolio performance metrics against risk   Assessment triggers.
  •   Reviews and assesses credit criteria against portfolio performance.
  •   Delivers robust, transparent and predictable credit losses within an   agreed total cost (‘budget’) and ‘cost of credit’ framework.
  •   Devises and implements a range of champion / challenger strategies to   continually test and learn to reach the optimum set of tactics to generate   value.
  •   Provides input into risk based pricing and ensures that profit and ROE   include appropriate credit risk and cost inputs.
  •   Devises and implements a range of champion / challenger strategies to   continually test and learn to reach the optimum set of tactics to generate   value.
Governance, risk   and compliance management within the clearly defined requirements.
  •   Interprets the PBB ROA strategy and derives/builds the in country   framework.
  •   Ensures compliance with country adopted standards, policies, mandates   and procedures governing activities within the credit space.
  •   Actively chairs and participates in credit risk Management Committee   meetings and watch list committee meetings and provides meaningful input into   risk appetite discussions, portfolio management and collections strategies as   well as detecting and evaluating shifts or changes in key risk parameters and   the effects of such changes on portfolios and relationships.
  •   Attends the Country PBB EXCO (always) and   the Country Main EXCO (sometimes) in order to represent PBB credit on all   credit matters.
  •   Involvement in Watchlist and NPLs meetings relating to deals and names   managed by the Malawi CIB Credit  team;
  •   Involvement in various management forums and committees;
  •   Ensuring adequate systems, policies, processes and procedures are in   place to monitor and manage credit risk
  •   Participate in fora /committees around the development of a Credit   strategy as appropriate; and
  •   Chairing the Malawi CIB and PBB credit committee meeting where   necessary.
Ongoing Credit Management of the CIB Portfolio
  •   Ensuring effective excess management, with appropriate escalation   where necessary;
  •   Ensuring effective compliance management (monitoring of ongoing credit   and legal compliance requirements);
  •   Ensuring effective management around the overdue reviews and irregular   accounts within prescribed targets. Monitoring, questioning and understanding   changes in the credit quality in any counterparty / industry falling within   the portfolio;
  •   Making recommendations to line management   and committees/fora regarding industry trends and the implications for   managing the credit risks of clients in Malawi; and
  •   Ongoing monitoring of risk grade (PD),   recovery rate shifts and general trends.
  •   Managing within sectoral and counterparty   risk appetite and the identification and mitigation of concentrations.
  •   Identifying when deep drills are required   ensuring that deep drills are done to the required standard as and within   required timelines
Leadership of teams and people management
  •   Addresses relative performance issues by initiating and overseeing   performance management process of credit Unit heads and their direct reports.
  •   Identifies training needs and sourcing training resources to address   those needs.
  •   Inspiring, motivates leads and   manages the team.
  •   Recruits, develops and retains   relevant skills in order to meet the business needs.
  •   Ensures skills assessments and   competency-based training takes place as and when required.
  •   Builds organisational capabilities   through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals   are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with   these.
  •   Creates an environment in which   learning and development are emphasised and valued.
  •   Effectively delegates authority   and responsibility, in line with business objectives, to ensure the   empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports.
  •   Encourages team members to express   their views, resolves issues raised by the team, escalates issues if   required, and provides feedback to teams on an on-going basis.
  •   Develops and maintains an open   communication channel with direct reports and supports staff to foster   greater co-operation and teamwork.
  •   Implements Talent Review   Sessions and succession planning, in conjunction with Human Capital business   partners.
  •   Ensures staff are appropriately   and consistently rewarded and recognised for their achievements and outputs.
  •   Leading   and building the team’s competencies, coherency and productivity;
  •   Identifying and initiating personal development needs and learning   experience, as well as business unit development/training needs.
  •   Displaying   appropriate people management skills designed to build the team, with a   specific focus on the development of individual competencies, coaching and   mentorship;
  •   Change   management facilitation as required;
  •   Regularly   reviewing team member’s performance within the team and their training and   development needs; and
  •   Regularly   reviewing team member’s career plans and regional succession plans.
Management and   reporting of the PBB and CIB credit portfolios
  •   Accountable   for determining the tasks, selecting the resources needed for the successful   implementation of business (Credit) related projects.
  •   Ensures that all project   personnel receive an appropriate orientation on the project.
  •   Monitors the   progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the   successful completion of the project.
  •   Ensures   that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required   level of quality.
    •   Derives the full cost of credit for the PBB   credit function and puts in place cost containment measures.
    •   Ensures that all internal and external   reporting is completed accurately, on time and that appropriate value adding   insights into the portfolio are provided so that both internal and external   users of information have a deep and appropriate insight into the quality of   the portfolio and the appropriateness of the processes.
    •   Produces reports on the portfolio performance   on a regular basis as per business requirements. Ensure reports are on the   level suitable to the audience.
    •   Identifies and analyses portfolio risks   proactively; and forecasts the credit loss provision and engage with business   accordingly.
    •   Manages the internal and external audit   interactions.
    •   Keeping line management informed on material   developments
    •   Provide input into general Credit reports
Portfolio Management
  •   Maximising   the productivity of the team whilst minimising portfolio risk through active   portfolio credit management and support/coaching on complex transactions
  •   Identifying and managing high risk accounts   and undertaking the necessary corrective action when the risk profile   threatens to become unacceptable
  •   Involvement in accounts monitoring process where necessary
  •   Ensuring   active and maintained co-ordination of stakeholders in the process to ensure   all expectations are met.
Stakeholder engagement and efficient cost management
  •   Manages costs within agreed   budgets for the PBB credit Department.
  •   Build and maintain credible   relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including management,   internal and external audit, non-executives, regulator as well as peers in   local and international banks.
  •   Manage relationships in a   complex matrix structure, across a multi-disciplinary environment with cross   functional stakeholders at all levels of the origination.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

First Degree Qualification: BCom,   Business Finance, Engineering, Risk Management, Business Administration.
Post graduate qualification   Mathematics, Business Finance, Financial Accounting, Accounting, Financial   Management Science, and Mathematics.
Professional    Qualification CA, CFA, CIMA, ACCSI, Honour’s Degree in Business Finance,    Accounting, Business related program

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

7- 10 years’ experience, including 2-5 years as a credit operations or portfolio manager in high-volume personal (Retail) credit.

Prior experience with credit workflow management tools and automated decisioning technology essential

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