Legal Officer

Standard Bank

Job Details

Legal: guidance across all areas and geographies to ensure: every transaction is appropriately negotiated, documented and implemented, losses arising from litigation are minimised, and legal issues carrying negative reputational consequences are avoided.

Job Purpose

  1. To identify and evaluate the legal risks to which the Bank is exposed, to draw them to the attention of the various units which they affect and to give counsel to the various members of
  2. Management who must make a decision on the best approach for the Bank to take in addressing and dealing with the issues raised; and
  3. To provide legal advisory services to the Bank, and to ensure compliance with any other relevant laws and regulations.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Closing of Documentation Risk

  • Reducing the Bank’s documentation risks by ensuring all legal requirements have been fully addressed and complied with;
  • Ensuring that all documentation is legal and binding on all parties involved, thereby reducing the risk of loss through unenforceable documents and unnecessary expenses incurred in trying to enforce invalid documentation.
  • Giving accurate instructions to the Bank’s attorneys and ensuring that the documentation drafted complies with the Bank’s requirements;

Advisory Function

  1. Raising awareness of any legal developments that may affect the Bank and evaluating any legal ramifications this may have on the Bank;
  2. Explaining complex legal issues to all levels of managerial and non managerial staff;
  3. Assisting members of senior management by giving opinions and recommendations on various legal matters;
  4. Providing legal counsel to the various business committees whenever required;
  5. Ensuring that the Group’s reputation/image is adequately safe-guarded and maintained with regard to the business principles and policies and business risk adopted within the Group operations;
  6. Takes responsibility for the quality of legal advice and speed of delivery;
  7. Seeking legal opinions and advice on complex matters and new legal developments which impact or have the potential to impact the environment in which the Bank operates.

Corporate Governance

  1. Ensures adherence to the Regulatory environment in which the Bank operates;

Management of Litigation Matters

  1. Proactively manage and monitor litigation by or against the Bank to minimise any losses arising from litigation ; and
  2. Ensure that timely information is provided to the counsel handling the litigation matters on behalf of the bank to enable them represent the Bank adequately.
  3. Ensure debt recovery together with Credit on all defaulting customers.

Preferred Qualification and Experience

  1. Bachelor of Laws Degree
  2. Admission to the Malawi Bar.
  3. Experience in banking and the financial industry.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

  • Problem Solving, Planning and Decision Making
  • Deal with a wide range of customer queries, showing sensitivity to customers’ individual requirements as well as the Bank’s laid-down operational/procedural limitations.
  • Refer problems falling outside of parameters to the Manager for resolution.
  • Able to take the initiative within limits of authority.
  • Required to follow laid-down policies and procedures at all times.
  • Planning
  • Planning is generally on a daily basis within regular activity cycles.
  • Able to deal efficiently with work volumes while remaining focused on priority issues.

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