Membership Renewal

Welcome to Job Malawi Standard Membership Account Renewal page. Kindly follow the following steps to renew your account to view restricted content

Offline Payments

The following are subscription categories with its benefits effective 1st February, 2019. We have 3 Categories namely; Free, Silver and Gold Membership levels.

Categories Fees Benefits
Free None
  • Access to unrestricted content
  • A list of New jobs posted may or may not be sent via Email.
  • Email alerts for this membership level are not a guarantee unless if you are a Paid up member.
Silver MK900.00/Month
  • Access to unrestricted and restricted content excluding of consultancies and tenders
  • A list of jobs posted will be sent through email guaranteed.
Gold MK9000.00/Year (Plus 2 Months free)
  • Access to unrestricted and restricted content including consultancies and tenders
  • A list of jobs posted will be sent through email guaranteed.

Email Notifications:

You must become a Paid Up Member so that you can be able to start receiving Email Notifications. Once you register with us, we will be able to send you Emails.

Bank Transfers

Bank Account Number
National Bank, (MO626) 1005804465 (Customs Road Branch)
Standard Bank (*247#) 9100001142728 (Kasungu Branch)

Mobile Money Payments

1.TNM: You can also pay through TNM Mpamba on 088 413 6730.

  • Dial *444#
  • Select 1 for send money
  • Select 1 for TNM Mpamba
  • Select 1 for send to wallet then enter the phone number 088 413 6730.
  • The Confirm Transaction by entering your pi

2. Airtel: Pay a fee through Airtel Money to Phone Number 099 737 6444 as follows:

  • Dial *211#
  • Select 2 for Send Money
  • Select 1 for Airtel Number
  • Select 1 for Phone number
  • Enter Phone number 099 737 6444
  • Enter amount
  • Enter your pin number to confirm payment

Using the reference number/transaction number from any of the payment mediums above kindly, forward the message of the transaction with your full name or The Username of your Account and email address to 099 737 6444 or 088 413 6730 through SMS or WhatsApp.

We will send you an alert that your account has been activated. Contact us on 099 737 6444 or 088 413 6730 if you do not get activated within 15 minutes of subscribing. Our Call Centre operates from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Transactions done after 5:00pm and over the weekend or public holidays may take longer to be processed.


Terms and conditions

You are not allowed to copy content unless for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Content sharing is strictly prohibited. User utilization of the service is monitored and any violation of our terms and conditions shall result in immediate revocation of service with no refund. Do not sign up if you do not intend to abide by the terms and conditions.

Once paid and you have the payment reference number kindly forward as directed above.


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