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Welcome to Job Malawi Standard Membership Account Subscription Renew page. Kindly follow the following steps to renew your Subscription to view restricted content by making online or offline payments. We only have two subscription plans. Monthly and Yearly.


A. Please pay a fee on Airtel Money or TNM Mpamba

(i). On Airtel Money;

Send Money to: 0997 376 444

(ii). On TNM Mpamba; 

Send Money to: 0888 181 722

B. You can make a bank transfer through the following details;

(i). You can also make a bank transfer through National Bank MO626 to Account Number xxxxxx. ( Note: Account Number will be provided Soon)

(ii) You can also pay through our Bank Account:

Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank Name:

(Note: Bank Details will be provided soon)


C. International payments can be made through Paypal

Note: The PayPal is not yet activated. Only Offline payments are accepted.


Once you make an Offline Payment, Please forward the message with Payment Reference number/transaction/receipt number (with your email address and direct contact number) to 0997 376 444 through SMS or WhatsApp TOGETHER WITH YOUR USERNAME/Or NAME and E-MAIL used on your ACCOUNT.

We will send you an email or Text via SMS or WhatsApp to alert you that your account has been re-activated so that you can access restricted content. Contact us on 0997 376 444  . If you do not get feedback from us within 15 minutes of subscribing. Before calling, please check your spam or junk folder as the email may land there. Our call centre operates from 7am to 5pm. Transactions done after 5pm may take longer to be processed.

We re-activate accounts during working hours.

The following are the standard introductory fees applicable.

  1. Restricted Jobs, Consultancies and Tenders (with email alerts)

 i. Monthly fee MK500 (Malawians) or US$10 (International)
ii. Annual fee MK5,000 (Malawians) or US$50 (International)


User utilization of the service is monitored and any violation of our terms and conditions shall result in immediate revocation of service with no refund. Do not re-subscribe if you do not intend to abide by the terms and conditions below;

Terms and Conditions

If you agree to our terms and conditions. Please make the payment and send the details of the payment to 0997 376 444.

Your Subscription will automatically expire on due date.

NOTICE: Subscriptions go together with payments. Restricted Job Vacancies will be viewed ONLY by those that have paid for either Monthly or Yearly Subscription plans despite having an account.

So, First Register for an Account and then make the payment! Please!