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Standard Membership Account Subscription content shall be governed by the following terms and conditions

By subscribing to our services you may access free of charge. Some content is, however, restricted to paid up members. You may access restricted content accessible through subscription (“Subscription Content”), through our website http://jobmalawi.com after which you will be required to Pay up for a Subscription plan as a member to access Subscription Content on the website, usage of which shall be governed by the following Terms and Conditions (the Terms). Continuing accessing such content shall be regarded as agreeing and abiding with these terms.

Your access to Subscription Content will end when you are no longer a paid-up subscriber upon the expiry of your subscription or when we cancel/Suspend your subscription for violation of these terms.

In order to access Subscription Content you will be required to Pay up for a Standard Account by choosing a subscription plan of your choice. You may change the password you are given. The Standard Account and the payment you make gives you the right to access Subscription Content for the duration of your subscription plan. You may not, under any circumstances whatsoever, transfer or make any copies or attempt to transfer or attempt to make any copies of any Subscription Content.

You may only access Subscription Content for your own personal use, and you may not use it for commercial purposes. Copyright in the Content is protected by copyright laws and treaties of the relevant owners. You agree not to archive or download any Content, or copy, distribute, share, change, display, publish, perform any Content, or offer any Content for sale, or otherwise use any Content for any reason or for any other purpose.

Vacorn, owners of http://jobmalawi.com, retains the right to check your account and monitor your usage of the service and any abuse shall result in the closure of your account.

If you do anything that you have agreed not to do by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, we may suspend or terminate your Subscription immediately, discontinue your access to Subscription Content immediately, and may claim any losses or damages that we may have suffered, from you. No refunds shall be made if we cancel your subscription for violation of these terms and conditions.

Cancellation policy

An administration charge of 10% will be levied to cover some of the costs incurred when refunding payments for subscription that is cancelled before activation of your account or before you are not given the password.

There shall be no refunds after we Activate your Account and send you the password.